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Treat your hair, skin and nails to a Collagen boost

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What's Bare all about?

Self care done in a conscious way - we strive to be thoughtful and ethical.

From choosing where and how our ingredients are produced, to pricing our products fairly for everyone to enjoy.

All of our products are proudly blended in New Zealand. We use all natural ingredients sourced from local businesses

(Even our bottles are made locally!)

What's in our collagen?

A flavour for every routine

Vanilla Marine Collagen

Perfect collagen booster for any coffee or smoothie. Made with Vanilla bean flavour to add a taste of luxury to your drink.

10g of hydolyzed marine collagen per serve.

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Unflavoured Marine Collagen

No taste, no smell, just two teaspoons and you're on your way to luscious locks, bright skin and healthy bones!

9.95g of Hydrolyzed marine collagen per serve.

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Mixed Berry Marine Collagen

Great collagen booster for your water, smoothie or tea. Made with mixed berry flavours for a fresh feel.

10g of hydrolyzed marine collagen per serve.

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The Natural Way to be

100% Sustainably Sourced

Just sustainably sourced French marine collagen with added ascorbic acid (vitamin c) to assist your body in making the most of the collagen. There is absolutely no gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, preservatives, added sugar or artificial sweeteners in Bare.

All the Collagen you need

Collagen is important in all aspects of health. Bare has an extremely high collagen content with 9.95g per serve (serving size 10g). It contains type 1 collagen peptides, making it the perfect supplement for strong and healthy hair, skin and nails, all the way through to your joints and bones.

Great for your body.

Our Marine collagen is great for any adult.
No nasties. GMO free and made with no preservatives, additives or chemicals.
Bare is the perfect collagen supplement for even the fussiest of bodies.